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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
February 17

Changes are sometimes necessary, but not always popular. Some things, no doubt, need to change. For example, in 1610, the State of Virginia passed a law prescribing the death penalty if a person failed to attend church for three consecutive Sundays. (I don’t know, maybe we should reinstate that one.  Just kidding.) There are changes we would probably all agree were good at the time. In 1906, the Rules Committee under the leadership of Walter Camp and Captain Palmer E. Pierce of West Point, made a series of changes in college football. One of them was the introduction of the forward pass. Finally, other changes just happen accidentally. Traditions are easy to start but difficult to stop. An example is the seventh inning stretch in baseball. It was started by President Wm. Howard Taft in the early 1900s. He stood up in the middle of the seventh inning to get the kinks out of his legs. The crowd thought he was standing to leave, so in respect for the President, they all stood. He sat back down, but the tradition has continued to this day.

There are changes that are necessary to be the people God desires. Therefore, we are adding an extra worship service to accommodate more people who want to be under the teaching of God’s Word. If we are willing to do whatever it takes, God will honor our commitment to Him and our hearts to see His church continue to grow. Thank you for your love for His church! 

Pastor Kirk