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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
August 19, 2018

I received an email this week asking me to promote a new Christian movie called The Trump Prophecies. As I looked into it, the first thing that alarmed me was the fact that it is based on the testimony of a firefighter named Mark Taylor. He claims God spoke and told him that Donald Trump would become the President. He says God would use him in much the same way that Persian King Cyrus was used of God to re-establish Israel in the Old Testament. I also found some clear connections with the New Apostolic Reformation movement. Paula White, a prosperity gospel preacher and one of the most influential members of Trump’s unofficial evangelical advisory council, is associated with this movement. This group of Christians tends to focus on the idea that God is still speaking directly to His people today. They believe He has given certain words of individual prophecy to specific people and has clearly been involved with the concept of this movie. 

I certainly pray for our President. I am not saying that he does not deserve our support (as anyone who would hold that office does). This is not a political statement. I cannot in good conscience endorse this movie. I believe it is based on faulty premises. While some would see the President’s victory in the election of 2016 as a miracle brought about by God, we need to be discerning in regard to these claims. We should pray that God would have mercy on our nation and the genuine church would rise up and do God’s clearly-revealed Will in His Word.  


Pastor Kirk