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Pastor's Heart

From Your Pastor's Heart
February 18, 2018


The dedication of our new building will be Sunday, March 4. On that day two of our adult Bible study classes will begin meeting in the north wing. This will be an exciting day as we give thanks to God for the provision of this new space. We are finally ready to begin utilizing this building for the Lord’s purposes. During the morning worship service we will remember our journey and express our gratitude. Don’t miss it!

Some of you have asked where we are in our fund raising efforts to finish the new building. We are roughly $5,000 short of that goal. We see some given each week, but we still need to raise the full amount if possible. Hopefully we can achieve the original goal. I believe we have been very careful with the resources and the way we have worked to complete the building. I am grateful for all who have had a part in this.

Pastor Kirk